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On Maintaining High Levels of Immunization Coverage in Edo State Using Binary Logistic Regression Model by Iduseri A. and Osemwenkhae J. E. (pages 201-208)
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A target of 90-95% levels of immunization coverage is necessary for the sustained control of vaccine-preventable diseases. In Nigeria, achieving and maintaining a high level of 90-95% immunization coverage which is an indication of the effectiveness of a health care system has remained elusive till date. This paper is therefore aimed at exploring the possibility of maintaining high levels of immunization coverage in Edo state using best subset binary logistic regression model and the chi-square test as validation tool. We found that the obtained logistic model which constitutes only five key predictor variables out of eight potential predictors used had a good predictive performance. In addition, validation of the five key predictor variables using the chi-square test shows that all had significant association in relation to a child completion of immunization schedule.

Keywords: Immunization coverage, best subset, binary logistic regression model, chi-square test, predictive performance