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Analysis on Object Detection Using Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Applications by F. S. Ishaq, I. A. Alhaji, Halis Altun, Jawad Muhammad and S. A. Sani(pages 137-142)
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this study aimed at equipping computers or machine in the industries, with some abilities such as analysis of visual scenes. This task can be achieved only when machines are capable of detecting object from an image. Therefore, the idea is to analyze an algorithm which utilized a blend of available algorithms to detect objects from different images. Hence, it is formed by the combination of Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG), Average Magnitude Difference Function (AMDF) and Neural Networks (NN). That is HOG is used to extract features from an image, then AMDF is employed to properly align the image. Finally MLP classifies the features extracted.

The result of the experiments conducted reveals that the proposed algorithm performed well,since 90.6 percent success rate was obtained when implemented onthe database.  

Keywords: Strength, Hardness, Carbon Steel rods (ASTM: A36), Energy Absorbed, % Elongation Nomenclature: UTS =Ultimate tensile strength YS =Yield Strength. %EL = Percentage Elongation. IT =Impact Test (joules). BHN =Brinell hardness Tester  ASTM = American Society of Testing and Materials

Keywords: HOG algorithm, AMDF algorithm, MLP algorithm