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Comparison of Mechanical Properties of Locally Made and Imported Carbon Steel Reinforcement Rods (ASTM: A36) by Ofuyekpone Okiemute, Utu Ochuko G., Okonji Patrick O and Philip N Atanmo (pages 131-136)
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Investigation of the mechanical properties (ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, hardness, impact strength and % elongation) of locally made and imported carbon steel reinforcement rods (ASTM: A36) was carried out. Steel samples were obtained from Rathisteel Mill and Power Ltd, India (Sample A), Eastern Metals (Nig.) Ltd. Asaba (Sample B), PUKKIT (Nig.) Ltd, Lagos (Sample C) and SANKYO (Nig.) Ltd, Lagos (Sample D) and were prepared into mechanical test specimens. Thereafter the mechanical properties of the samples were evaluated. The results showed that locally produced steel products showed better mechanical properties when compared to the imported steel products. The ultimate tensile strength values are705N/mm2 for Sample A, 602N/mm2 for Sample B, 614N/mm2 and 693N/mm2 for Samples C and D respectively.The yield strength values 520N/mm2 for Sample A, 482N/mm2 for Sample B, 496N/mm2 for Sample C and 508N/mm2 for Sample D.The % elongation values samples are 18.33% for Samples A, 30.00% for Sample B, 25.00% for Sample C and 21.67% for Sample D. The charpy impact test values are 57J for Sample A, 192J for Sample B, 162J and 66J for Samples C and D respectively. While the hardness numbers values are 49.00BHN for Sample A, 34.75BHN for Sample B, 38.25BHN for Sample C and 41.50BHN for Samples D respectively. Thus, the steel product, sample B appeared to be the best steel sample since it showed better mechanical properties when compared to the other steel products during period of investigation.

Keywords: Strength, Hardness, Carbon Steel rods (ASTM: A36), Energy Absorbed, % ElongationNomenclature:UTS =Ultimate tensile strengthYS =Yield Strength.%EL = Percentage Elongation.IT =Impact Test (joules).BHN =Brinell hardness TesterASTM = American Society of Testing and Materials