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Development of One-dimensional Temperature Distribution Model in a Hydraulic Press Platen by J. A. Akpobi and S.M.G. Akele (pages 105-114)
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Hydraulic press is an essential compressive pressure processing equipment, which has a wide range of applications in polymer manufacturing industry. The rate of heat transfer through the hydraulic press plate has an extremely significant effect on polymer processing. This paper is on the development of a model to predict temperature distribution in a hydraulic press platen. 

To achieve this, a physical structure was constructed to enable complete finite element analysis. Then steady-one-dimensional heat transfer ordinary differential equation, relevant assumptions and suitable boundary conditions are deduced on the geometric domain. The domain governing equation is then solved using finite element method. 

Obtained analytical solution from the governing equation compared to finite element model results shows that the model approximates very fast to the analytical solution as the number of element is increased. With this model, therefore, temperature distribution characteristics can be accurately predicted during design and service stage.

Keywords:Hydraulic press, Finite Element Method, Heat conduction, Temperature