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Scaling Group Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer of Magnetohydrodynamic Pressure-Driven Flow Past a Permeable Plate with Inclined Magnetic Field by S.O. Salawu and M.S. Dada (pages 93-104)
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This study investigates steady free convective heat and mass transfer of magnetohydrodynamic pressure-driven flow past a permeable plate with inclined uniform magnetic field. The governing partial differential equations of the model are reduced to a system of coupled non-linear ordinary differential equations by applying a scaling group of transformations. The coupled differential equations are solved numerically using the Weighted Residual method. The results obtained were presented graphically to illustrate the influence of various parameters on the dimensionless velocity, temperature, concentration and pressure drop. Finally, the effects of Skin friction, Nusselt and Sherwood numbers which are of physical and engineering interest are also presented and discussed.

Keywords: Magnetohydrodynamics; pressure-driven; Permeable plate; Scaling group transformations; Weighted Residual method