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Production of Some Engine Parts for a Single-Cylinder, 0.67hp Petrol Engine Generator Using Reverse Engineering Method by M.H. Oladeinde, R.S. Ebhojiayeand AugoyeA.K (Pages 387-394)
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The study was aimed at using the reverse engineering (RE) method to produce engine block, piston and connecting rod, for a single-cylinder, 0.67hp petrol generator internal combustion (IC) engine. The design for the riser size, sprue diameter, runner diameter and gating system were done and used to produce the mould that was used to sand-cast the engine block and piston. The connecting rod was produced by machining a rectangular block of mild steel to dimension. The reverse engineered components were coupled into the generator and the generator was run for 30 minutes under no load condition. Also a load of 400watts was appliedto the generator and was run. Another generator which served as a control engine was also run for 30 minutes under the same conditions as that of the engine with the produced components. The temperatures of both engines were taken at irregular time intervals. The engine speeds of the two engines were also taken. The results showed that there was a progressive rise in temperature for both engines. However, under no-load condition a greater differential was observed between the two engines than when a load of 400watts was put on the two engines. Again the results showed that under no-load condition, the control engine had a speed of 2400rpm compared to 2150 for the engine with cast parts. At a load of 400 watts, the control engine had a speed of 2200 compared to 1900 for the engine with cast parts. The reduction in speed could be attributed to the inability to machine the intricate portions of the engine block and piston to the exact specification of that of the control engine. However, the power output was stable for the engine with cast parts.

                Keyword: Internal Combustion (IC) Engine, Reverse Engineering (RE), Engine Block, Piston,Connecting Rod.