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Mathematical Modeling of the Effect of Therapeutic Vaccine In the Control of Dengue Fever by Rabiu, M. IbrahimM.O.Akinyemi, S.T (Pages 377-386)
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An eight-compartmental deterministic model for the transmission dynamics of dengue fever with therapeutic vaccine is built and painstakingly analyzed. The model exhibits two equilibria points, namely: the disease-free and endemic. The disease-free equilibrium is locally asymptotically stable when the effective reproductive number   is less than unity and in such a case the endemic equilibrium does not exist. The endemic equilibrium of the model is unique and locally asymptotically stable only when  . Finally, numerical simulations show that a therapeutic vaccine with negligible wanning rate which is potent enough to completely eradicate the infectiousness of infected individuals when vaccinated would be sufficient to eradicate the disease burden.

                Keyword: Dengue, Epidemic model, Effective reproduction number, Endemic equilibrium, Disease-free  equilibrium, Therapeutic vaccine.