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The Effectiveness of Short EleA Design Model for Directional Wells Trajectories by Egwuenu Iremise and K. O. Bello (Pages 337-346)
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There are several models for designing the trajectories of directional wells. Most of these models are designed for only one type of trajectory. Due to the complexity of the trajectories of modern directional wells, there is the problem of flexibility with these models.  Therefore, a more robust model is required. This model can be used to design five different types of directional well trajectories.

In light of the above, a sketch model for five different types of directional well trajectory was created. Every trajectory was sectioned and the mathematical relationships for each section were derived. A computer program that has been coded in order to simplify the model and generate coordinates of the path of the well trajectory that can be plotted on any spread sheet, was developed.

Some examples were made to test the model. The plots of five different types of trajectories clearly showed the paths the wells will take in the rock formation in the given vertical and horizontal coordinates. The model has been found to be more robust and flexible when compared with similar models in the literatures.

                Keyword: Trajectory, Wellbore, Directional Well, Design Model, Sketch Model.