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Evaluation of Strength Characteristics of Cement Stabilized Black Cotton Soil with Locust Bean Waste Ash As Admixture by Olisa B.A, Eze, E.O and Iyeke, S.D (Pages 317-328)
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This research work presents the results of the laboratory and regression modeling experimentation on the evaluation of the strength characteristics of  cement stabilized black cotton soils using locust bean ash as admixture  for road construction . The California bearing ratio and the unconfined compressive strength were used to adjudge the strength suitability of the stabilized mixes. The results of the laboratory experiment shows that the stabilized  soil wasunsuitable for road base course but can however be used for road subbase course. Statistical inference suggest that the linear regression model developed depicts a significant correlation between uncofined compressive strength (UCS) and California bearing ratio (CBR) for cement stabilized black cotton soils using locust bean as admixture. The implication of the result of this work is that substantial savings (in terms of money and time) can be made in the preliminary design stage of soil-cement-locust bean ash stabilization.