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Spatial Distribution of Shear Strength Parameters of Lateritic Soils in Delta State by Iyeke, S.D, Eze, E.O andEhiorobo, J.O (Pages 307-316)
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This research work seeks to develop a continuous surface map to  describe the spatial pattern of shear strength parameters in Delta State. A total of eighty-three (83) soil samples were collected from various locations in Delta State of Nigeria.  The shear strength tests were carried out in accordance with BritishStandard. Also additional soil data were obtained from civil engineering firms. The range of the angle of internal friction and cohesion obtained from the tests  are 2 to 43 degrees and 3 to 82 kN/m2 respectively.   It was observed that the exponential models were the best fit for the semivariogram of the soil shear strength parameters. The models  provided a reasonable Kriged weight factor for the  geospatial distribution of the lateritic soils shear strength parameters in the area.The application of these models will help reduce cost and time in acquiring geotechnical data needed for  both design and construction in the Delta State.