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Information Retrieval System for National Health Insurance Scheme Hospitals in Nigeria by Ojesanmi O.A and Salawu S.A. (Pages 265-270)
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Improper data storage, insecurity of patient medical records, difficulty in accessing quality healthcare services, high cost of medical services, and inaccurate diagnosis due to lack of access to proper patient information are among the major problems of health care delivery in Nigeria. This paper presents a cloud based patient information retrieval system for National Health Insurance Scheme hospitals in Nigeria. The system divided the hospitals into four regions with each region having its own server that connects to the cloud databases. Before accessing the cloud, each user undergoes three processes; registration, activation and verification. User registration ensures that access is given to registered hospitals; activation and verification to prevent intruders from having access to patient information and guarantee confidentiality of such records. The model will be implemented using object oriented programming and the performance evaluation is based on major parameters such as delay, bandwidth utilization, and throughput.

                Keywords: Cloud, health care, patient information, verification, database, access