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A Novel Channel Assignment for Integrated Voice and Data Calls in Mobile Network by Ojesanmi O.A., Ojesanmi A.A. and Salawu S.A. (Pages 259-264)
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There has been a lot of challenges in channel assignment to handle congestion in mobile networks. This paper describes a novel dynamic threshold based channel allocation scheme to handle congestion in mobile network. The scheme deals with two categories of call: voice call and data call. The available channels in a cell are segmented into two parts using a threshold that is dynamically adjusted based on traffic arrival rate. A buffer is introduced to handle calls when there is no idle channel. The call in the buffer is served using ticket scheduling algorithm. We evaluated the performance of the new scheme through extensive simulations under four performance metric: call blocking probability, buffer size, average delay and utilization. The results from the simulation showed that the new scheme significantly improves the performance of the network and maximizes the use of the available resources.

                Keywords:Voice call, Data call, buffer, channel, scheduling, queue, allocation