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Automatic Time-Based Street Light Control System by G.S.M. Galadanci, A. Tijjani and R. Muhammad (Pages 251-258)
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In this work, an Automatic Time-based Street Light Control System using microcontroller was designed, simulated, and implemented. The street light control system was designed using microcontroller (PIC16F690) and the micro chip was programmed using flow-code5 programmer to automatically turn ON and OFF the light based on the time required by the user. The designed system was simulated, implemented and then tested. The result of the test shows that it works as designed, thus it automatically turns ON and OFF the light as set by the user. In this system, cost of maintenance was drastically reduced and it provides an effective measure to save about half of the energy consumption with 86.4% efficiency by preventing unnecessary wastage of electricity, caused due to lighting of street-lights when it is not required.

                Keywords:Automation; Energy Utilization; Flow-code5 programmer; Microcontroller