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Operating A PIC16F877 Microcontroller-Based Timing System by Auwal Mustapha Imam (Pages 229-240)
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Electronic clocks have predominantly replaced the mechanical clocks. They are much reliable, accurate, maintenance free and portable. Changes in time keeping technology have influenced the character of scientific observation, aided the development of other machine technologies and brought significant revisions in the way people think about and behave in time. Unlike other clocks with 555 timers or other digital control circuitry, this system uses PIC microcontroller which is a more advanced design, so unique and different from all other designs. The codes are written on MPLAB programming environment and programmed on the microcontroller. The PIC16F877 accepts a low frequency crystal, which must be added externally. Upon initializing the microcontroller, the clock system must be configured to take advantage of this clock. The speed of instruction execution will depend on the clock. The PIC16F877 microcontroller is manned on the hardware of the clock. The microcontroller executes the instructions and display the resulting time on the four Seven-Segment (7-Seg) displays.

                Keywords: Clock, Codes, Electronics, Instructions, Microcontroller, PIC16F877, Program