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Performance Analysis of AODV and GRP MANET Routing Protocols by I.A. Alhaji, F. S. Ishaq and S. A. Sani (Pages 215-222)
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MANET network is characterized by frequent and unpredictable topology changes due to uncontrolled mobility patterns of wireless mobile nodes forming the network. Good and bandwidth-efficient routing protocols that dynamically adapt to the ever changing MANET topology and time-varying wireless channel are required to maintain network connectivity. Several routing protocols exist but selecting which among them suits which network type like MANET is a challenging task. In this work, performance analysis on AODV and GRP routing protocols, the best suited for MANET operations, were made under four different network settings; default, higher buffer size, RTS mechanism and packet fragmentation settings. Four performance metrics were chosen for the analysis that is throughput, delay, retransmission attempts and data dropped due to buffer overflow. We then comparethe performance of AODV and GRP with respect to the above metrics. It was found that for both AODV and GRP, MANET suffers less delay and achieves better throughput with RTS and higher buffer size settings respectively. It was also found that AODV out performs GRP routing protocol in all the performance metrics considered.