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Nuclear Incompressibility and Nuclear Symmetry Energy Calculated using M3Y-type Interaction Derived from Variational Calculation by F. Gbaorun, J.O. Fiase, A. A. Gundu and I. Ochala (pages 39-44)
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A generalized version of density dependence has been introduced into an M3Y-type effective nucleon-nucleon (NN) interaction that was derived from variational calculation using the Reid NN potential. The density dependent parameters have been chosen to reproduce the saturation binding energy and density of normal nuclear matter in standard Hartree-Fock scheme and generate different equations of state starting from a very soft one,k0=178  MeV, upto the stiff one with k0=4725  MeV. The description of nuclear matter from the isoscalar and isovector components of the density dependent M3Y-type effective interaction provided a value of the symmetry energy that is consistent with the empirical value of the symmetry energy.