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Nuclear Energy Spectra Calculated from Derived Single-Particle Energies by F. Gbaorun, J.O. Fiase and T. Aper (pages 33-38)
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The usual approach to shell-model calculation is to use experimentally extracted single particle (s.p) energies as a part of an input data to the shell model for nuclear energy calculation. A set of mass-dependent s.p energies for sd-shell calculations derived from realistic forces using a set of two-body correlation with 16O taken as a closed-shell core is used in the present work to determine the energy spectra of nuclei in the upper half of the sd- shell. It is observed that the calculated spectra using the derived s.p energies are in good agreement when compared with those obtained when using experimentally extracted s.p energies. However, both of them showed compression behaviour as compared to the experimental spectra of these nuclei. The results demonstrated that shell-model calculations can be done quite successfully with the s.p energies derived from the interaction.

Keywords: Nuclear Energy Spectra, Single-Particle