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Equation of State for Nuclear Matter Based on New One Boson (NOB) Interaction by Fiase J.O., Aper M.T., Gbaorun F. and Gundu A.A (pages 29-32)
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Four different density dependent versions (BDNOB0, BDNOB1, BDNOB2, and BDNOB3) of newly developed one Boson interactionshave been used in numerical calculation of incompressibility of symmetric nuclear matter. The values obtained for the incompressibility from this calculation vary from 192 to 447 MeV. This result is in excellent agreement with the values of the incompressibility obtained in a similar calculation using the M3Y – Reid and M3Y – paris interactions in which the incompressibility vary from 190 to 454 MeV for the M3Y – Reid and 218 to 566 MeV for M3Y – paris interactions respectively. The NOB interaction by this result has proven to be effective for nuclear matter studies. Hence more calculations need to be done to further test the performance of the NOB interaction.