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The Effect of Line Configuration on Lightning Induced Voltages on Overhead Conducting Lines by J.O. Adepitan and E.O.Oladiran (Pages 207-214)
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Several factors, including electrical power line configuration, can affect the magnitude of the lightning-induced voltages. This work is aimed at investigating the effects of line configuration of electrical lines on lightning-induced voltages on overhead power lines. Linearly rising current with constant tail return stroke model was used to investigate the lightning-induced voltages on a three-phase-power-line of different line configurations. Resulting partial differential equations from the interaction of electromagnetic field of lightning current with electrical lines were derived from Green’s function and solved using the Laplace transform technique. From this a C-sharp ApplicationProgram Interface was developed. This program was used to clarify the effects of line configurations and overhead earth wires on lightning-induced voltages. The magnitudes of voltages induced on a 3-phase overhead line were considerably higher than on a single-conductor line of the same height above ground. The result showed that the horizontal configuration with two earth-wires above the conductors is preferred to the vertical configuration with earth-wire above topmost conductor.

                Keywords:Lightning-Induced Voltage, Lightning Channel Model, Conducting Line Configuration, Earth- Wires     

                PACS NUMBERS: 92.60.Pw , 02.30.Jr.