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Comparison of Path Loss and Signal Strength of GSM and CDMA In Enugu, Nigeria, Using Okumura-Hata And Cost-231 Models by J.O. Adepitan, F.O.Ogunsanwoand J.D. Ayanda (Pages 201-206)
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The main concern of any wireless network provider, is achieving a good network performance. This is measured by the strength of signal received at the mobile station. Radio propagation, which is essential for any wireless network, is heavily site specific and can vary significantly depending on terrain, frequency of operation, velocity of mobile terminal, interface sources and other dynamic factor. This work is centered on comparison of path loss and signal strength of GSM and CDMA in Enugu, Nigeria, using Okumura-Hata and COST -231 models.

Geographical coordinates, determined by Global Positioning System (GPS), of antennas at ten base stations situated in Enugu; with corresponding height and transmitting frequencies of both GSM and CDMA data were extracted from site engineering parameters. With Ericsson TEMS Investigation 8.0 (data collection software) installed on personal computer, the Received Signal Strength (RSS) of each transmitting antenna at various measured distances from the antenna was recorded. Three readings were taken for each measured distance and the mean determined.  The field measurementresults were compared with Okumura-Hata and COST-231 models for medium-sized city. This research thus shows that the Okumura-Hata and COST-231 models for radio wave propagation is very effective for radio wave propagation pathloss prediction in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

                Keywords:Pathloss, GSM, CDMA, Model, Radio propagation.