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Patient Parameterand the Radiation Dose Estimation of Patients Undergoing Lumbar Spine Radiography in Selected Radio-Diagnostics Center in Lagos State, Nigeria by Fredrick O. Adeyemi1,Christopher J. Oowookere,Deborah O. Olorode, Babajide O.Balogun1,Fatai
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Radiation dose to organs of 50 adult patients undergoing Lumbar Spine radiography from three selected publichospitals in Lagos State were evaluatedfrom the output generator of their X-ray machine (Radiation Output)using an indirect dosimetricmethodwith some mathematical application relevant to knowledge.Organ and effective dose to thePatients were estimated using dosecal. V2.31 software specific machine data and tissue equivalent values.The organs that were exposed significantly due to LS radiography were stomach, Liver,Adrenal,Pancreas, Spleen, Gallbladder,Heart, Lungs, kidney, testicle, esophagus etc. Stomach recorded the highest dose values of240±1.2µGy,113±0.3µGy and 122±2.1µGy respectively for each of the selected hospitals and the mean of the means value of168.0±7.2µGy for LS(AP) and theLiver also recorded the highest dose value of182± 2.3µGy, 140±1.4µGy and151±1.7µGy respectively for each of the hospitals and the mean of the means value of 157.8±2.5µGy for LS (LAT).  Entrance surface dose calculated for all the hospitals were0.44±0.1mGy and 1.06±0.1mSvfor LS(AP) and LS(LAT)which reflected LS(LAT)value as been approximately 2.41 of LS(AP).The effective dose were estimated approximately as 0.051±0.02mSv and 0.021±0.03mSv for LS(AP) and LS(LAT) respectively an approximate  factor of 2.43,showing that the overall stochastic health effect of  radiation from all the selected centers at a whole averagely depend on the projection of the examination(AP or LAT).Local dose reference limit were equally determined as0.44±0.1mSv and 1.06±0.20mSv for an irradiated mass of 18.7±1.4Kg and 28.5±2.1Kg respectively at 95% confidence limit(P value ) for LS(AP) and LS(LAT).   

 Keywords:Radiation Output, Entrance Surface dose/Equivalent dose, Organ dose, Effective dose, Radiation Health     effect,Patient dose assessment, Lumbar Spine (LS), Lateral(LAT), Antero-posterior(AP).