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Effects of Temperature on the Thermodynamic Properties of Binary Liquid Alloys by O.W. Abodunrin (pages 339-346)
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The conditional probability A/B or B/A, chemical short range order, SRO, concentration to concentration fluctuation in the long wave length limit, Scc(0) and activity ratios aA and aB have been studied as functions of composition in AuCu and CdMg molten alloys by using thermodynamic expressions. The ordering energy, w has been function of temperature and the above thermodynamic quantities were calculated at different temperatures. The study reveals that thermodynamic property,conditional probability is invariant at different temperatures. The computed activity ratios of AuCu and CdMg deviate from experimental observations throughout the entire concentration range. The values of short range order parameter (SRO)are negative for both alloys throughout the range of compositionwhich indicates heterocoordination. Also positive values of Scc(0) for both alloys yet smaller than the ideal values suggest unlike atoms pair as nearest neighbour which is in support of heterocoordination.

 Keywords:Thermodynamic properties, ordering energy and temperatures.