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Transformer Condition Monitoring: A Case for Policy Formulation by EfosaO., Sadjere E.G and Asibor J.O (pages 299-304)
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In this paper a case for policy formulation was created for the maintenance of power transformers using Transformer Condition Monitoring (TCM) as a way of improving the life span and efficiency of power transformers. This work was carried out by using existing data on power transformers and acquiring information from local sources (The University of Benin Power Service) by means of questionnaires. The questionnaires were recovered and analyzed using category weighting. The results gotten after analyzing the questionnaires were compared with researched data on TCM. On comparison of result, it was realized that there was no awareness of TCM, and as such, transformers in the University of Benin continue to undergo sudden breakdown which leads to severe damage of major component of the transformer. Hence, necessitating the need for a case for policy formulation with regards to the maintenance of power transformers.

 Keywords:Transformer, Power, Maintenance Practice.