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Assessment of Aerodynamic Performance of Three Blade Savonius Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Improved Plastic Gear System by I.M Adam, T.H. Darma and F.S Koki (pages 287-292)
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The aerodynamic performance of three blades Savonius vertical axis wind turbine designed with an improved plastic gear system was investigated. The bladeseach 40cm long and 19 cm in diameter were crossflexed on the frame rods at an angle of 1200 to each other. The model was positioned at an altitude of 542m above sea level, and wind tunnel simulations were used to measure the power coefficients ofthese blades. The results indicate that the wind speed of about 19.6 ms-1 was sufficient to harness the energy, generating almost 512watts and 270 watts for the upstream and downstream respectively.This low speed matches appreciablywith the use of cowling which requires a speed of 27.7 ms-1 and generating 520 Watts and 255.3 Watts for the upstream and downstream respectively.

  Key words: Renewable energy, Wind energy, Vertical axis wind turbine, Rotor shaft, Plastic gear.