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Heat Transfer Effects on Magnetogasdynamic Axi-Symmetric Boundary Layer Flow Over A Blunt Body by J. D. Olisa and I. U. Mbeledogu (page 28-36)
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The effect of heat transfer on compressible axi-symmetric laminar boundary layer flow near the stagnation region of a blunt body in the presence of magnetic field has been considered for Mach number five and above. The governing first order boundary layer equations are derived by an order of magnitude analysis in which only 0(1) is retained and transformed to body-oriented coordinates. The Dorodnitsyn - Stewartsonsimilarity transformations are utilized to transform the resulting dimensionless partial differential equations to coupled non-linear ordinary differential equation. Solutions were obtained using the perturbation method of solution and the effects of the resulting parameters on the velocity and temperature profiles are shown graphically. The skin friction and heat transfer effects are also shown and discussed.

Keywords: Magneto-gasdynamic, blunt body, heat transfer, boundary layer