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A Mobile-Based Expert System for the Diagnosis of Ebola Virus (ES-DEV)by N.A Azeez andO.MOye (pages 241-248)
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The development of expert system for the diagnosis of Ebola Virus (ES-DEV) is important to both medical industry and Ebola Virus patients. It is heart-rending to see in the past few years how Africans, particularly, those living in the Western part of the continent, are being attacked and ravaged by deadly Ebola Virus. Though, this virus has been in existence for years but its recent attacks call for urgent and immediate solution. Medicine which is one of the popular areas where Artificial Intelligence is being used requires better attention if urgent and technical solutions are to be found for this virus. In an attempt to finding solution to this medical challenge, the authors present a mobile-based expert system for the diagnosis of Ebola Virus (ES-DEV). The aim is to provide the users a first-point contact for the virus on how to guard against it, possible symptoms, measures and immediate solution. The application (ES-DEV) which uses waterfall methodology was developed on Android mobile phone with Java Runtime Environment. ES-DEV is currently working and further recommendation is currently being made to adopt its application in medical institutions.