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The Strength of an Encryption Security System is Determined by the Complexity of the Key by Ihama E.I, Egbon C.C and Aduhor G.E. (pages 213-218)
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The internet is a fast growing area of ICT and its usage is massively increasing every day. Electronic data, and e-commerce, due to their open nature has made individuals and organizations prone to malicious attack, making organizations to lose revenue, data integrity and customer trust, due to improvement in the nature of attacks on information systems. In this research work, we show that the complexity of an encryption system determines how strong the system will be, using a complex Key(N-key) in computer security techniques, with special reference to cryptography, using hashing techniques and using acomplex key(N key) encryption and decryption system. Software design was implemented using Visual BASIC programming language.

     Key words: Encryption, Decryption, Cryptography, Cyphertext, Plaintext