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Survey of Radiation Dose-Rate in Major Dumpsites In Ijebu-Ode And Ijebu-Igbo In Ogun State, Southwestern Zone, Nigeria by Ajetunmobi A.E. and Oshiyemi A.O. (pages 419-424)
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The research work is aimed at investigating the radiation dose from two major dumpsites in Ijebu-ode and Ijebu-igbo local government of Ogun State. These major dumpsites are used by companies, residences, schools,e.t.c as their dumpsites. Radioactive materials from the wastes from these users find their ways into the dumpsites. A total of twenty spots were randomly selected at the dump sites and a radiation detector dosimeter Gamma RAE II placed at one meter above the ground level was used for in-situ measurement of the dose rate per spots for a stipulated period of time. Gamma RAE II R uses CsI (TI) as detector. It has in-built daily calibration capacity and factory calibration is not required. Energy range is 0.06MeV-3.0MeV. It’s sensitivity is greater than 100 cps per µSv/hr. Dose equivalent range (DER) for 137Cs is 0.01-40µSv/h and accuracy of ±30%.The average of the dose rates per spot was estimated to be  64nGy/h for the dump site at Ijebu-Igbo while the dose rate for the dump-site at Ijebu-ode is 128nGy/h. The annual dose rate estimated for Ijebu-Igbo dump site is 78.5μSv/yr and the annual dose rate for Ijebu-Ode dump site is 157.0μSv/yr. The values of the annual dose rate for both dump sites are quite lower than the world acceptable limit of 1mSv/yr for public exposure to radiation.  Conclusively, there is no health implication of exposure to radiation from the possible radioactive materials at the dumpsites in the locations for both the public users and the workers at the dumpsites.

   Keywords: Survey, Radiation, Dose Rate and Major dump Sites