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Natural Gamma Radiation Exposures of the Populace In and Around the Ewekoro Cement Factory, Ogun State, Southwestern, Nigeria by Alausa S.K, Akomolafe O. and Ogunbiyi O.(pages 411-418)
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Limestone, shale and gypsum known to constitute source of natural radioactivity, are the raw materials used for cement production. The natural radioactivity level in cement is characterized by the geological origin and setting of the area where these raw materials are obtained. These raw materials are found inlarge quantity in the bedrock of Ewekoro in Ogun State where a cement factory is located for commercial production of cement. Therefore, it is pertinent to measure the activity concentration in the cement product and determine the external and internal radiation exposure of the populace as a resultof the release of cement dust from Ewekoro Cement Factory to the environment.

The activity concentrations of radionuclides in the study are lower than the values reported in other literatures and the total effective dose is low when compared to the value of 18.1mSvy-1reported for sieving columbium-tantalite from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although the radiological impact on the populace is low, but efforts must be made to discourage indiscriminate radiation exposure of individuals in the area.

  Keywords: Temperature, Rheological, Mud, Bentonite, Properties