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Treatment of Crude Oil Emulsion Using Locally Made Demulsifiers by Oloro John (pages 373-396)
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Life of most oil wells, produces more water with the crude oil than acceptable standard to the producer or customer. This may be due to the perforation depth at that point in time which allows water to enter the well. In some cases, it is impossible to prevent water contamination regardless of its source. Some of the water produced combines with the oil to form an emulsion, hence requiring special methods to separate them.

In this study ,treatment of crude oil emulsion  using locally made emulsifiers was carried out by  formulation of an emulsion breaking chemical or demulsifier in the laboratory from materials obtained locally and the experimental investigation of its effectiveness in breaking crude oil emulsion was also . Materials used include Liquid soap, starch, camphor, alum, and castor oil. Two different demulsifier was formulated and tested on the crude oil emulsion sample from umusadege field and was treated at a temperature of 50 .

Foreign demulsifiers, Separol and servo of the same quantity and under the same experimental condition, served as a basis for comparison. The result of the treatment was a successful separation of oil and water. The separated water volume of umusadege well 1 after treating for 120minutes by LD1 was 46ml and when the foreign demulsifier (separol) was used the separated volume of water was 0ml. Also umusadege well 2, after treating for 120minutes by LD1 the volume of water separated was 136ml, while when separol was used the volume of water separated was 49ml and servo was105ml.

  Keywords: Demulsifier, formulation, Treatment, emulsion