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Computation of the Theoretical Gravity Values and their Implications on Gravity Anomalies in Some Locations in Taraba State by Kwalar B.N., Joseph W.G. and Kanu Maxwell O (pages 357-364)
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The 1930, 1967 and 1980 International Gravity Equations were used in computing the theoretical gravity values for 21 stations in Taraba State for the purpose of comparison and choice of the most suitable equation that can likely give accurate and consistent gravity anomalies over the area under consideration. The mean gravity values obtained in ms-2 are 9.7816699, 9.781337 and 9.781316 using the 1930, 1967 and 1980 gravity equations respectively showing that the 1930 equations yielded the highest gravity values. Constant difference of about 17 mGal exists between the gravity values of 1930 and 1967 gravity equations and between 1930 and 1980 gravity equations which revealed discrepancy in the gravity values of 1967 and 1980 gravity equations. The application of the 1930 gravity equation in computing gravity anomalies over lowland areas of the State will produce negative anomalies while that of 1980 will be inconsistent. Thus the 1967 gravity equation would be most appropriate since slight negative gravity anomalies are expected over areas with flat topography while both 1930 and 1967 gravity equations can be used for high land areas and hilly terrain.  The plot of the theoretical gravity against latitude indicates that the two parameters are linearly positively correlated.

  Keywords: International gravity equations, latitude, theoretical gravity, gravity anomalies, hilly terrain