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Modelling the Impact of an Environmental Perturbation on the Incidence of Interaction Types by Alex Musa, E. N. Ekaka-a, N.E.S. Lale (pages 347-350)
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It is rare to find previous contributions that have evaluated the impact of an environmental perturbation on the incidence of each type of interaction between two legumes in Nigeria. Due to the present environmental upsets on crop production, it is imperative to consider the merit of tackling this proposed problem using the approach of a numerical simulation. It is clear from this present analysis that a longer duration of growth associated with late harvesting scenario has a relatively better potential to predict more volumes of mutualism than a shorter duration of growth that is associated with early harvesting. Therefore, in the loss of a pure competition between cowpea and groundnut, it is more likely to expect a relatively good evidence for biodiversity scenario. This is the key contribution of this study which we have not seen elsewhere.