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Mathematical Interactional Analysis of the Dynamics of Livestock Rearing on the Fertile Topsoil by Sarki D.S.,Mbah G.C.E and Dikop M. (pages 333-346)
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In this paper asystem of deterministic modelispresented and analysed to studythe potentiality of animal rearing on the organic dynamics of vegetation coveron topsoil. We obtained the effective basic depletion ratio, , which was used to determine the conditions for the systems local and global stabilities. Bifurcation analysis was carried out using the centre manifold theory which revealed that the model possesses the forward type. Sensitivity analysis showed that the both human and natural activities as well as environmental advocacy campaigns have very similar but varying decrement impacts on vegetation. It is also shown that a sustainable combination of manure harvest and livestock density can improve soil vegetation. It is further shown that the reallocation of soils to non-agricultural purpose also has negative consequence on vegetation.