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A Nonlinear Mathematical model for Cultivation on a Fertile Topsoil on the Plateau by Sarki D.S.,Mbah G.C.E and Dikop M. (pages 321-332)
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In this paper asystem of deterministic modelispresented and analysed for the agronomical and conservational dynamics of organic cultivation on fertile topsoil. We obtained the effective basic depletion ratio, , which was used to determine the conditions for the system’s local and global stabilities. Bifurcation analysis was carried out using the centre manifold theory which revealed that themodel possesses the forward type. Sensitivity analysis showed that excessivelabour efforts on the soil beyond the sustainable threshold deplete soil fertility and that a well-informedsoil management through a deliberate advocacy and environmental enlightenment campaign strategy has the enormous potential to improve the chances of topsoil fertility and correspondingly increased productivity. It is consequently inferred that that attitudinal relapses are progressive threats to any gains on soil management.