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Magnetic Sources Depth Estimation from Digitized Aeromagnetic Data Acquired From Basement Complex Formation, South-Western Nigeria Using Spectral Analysis by Ganiyu S. A, Olurin O. T, Awoyemi M. O, Badmus B. S. and Aluko T. J (pages 309-314)
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Two dimensional spectral analysis of airborne magnetic data over Ibadan area were carried out in order to estimate the magnetic basement depth. The study area is bounded by latitude  N to N and longitude E to E. The spectral analysis technique is used to determine basement depth.  The results of interpretation show that the magnetic sources are mainly distributed at two levels. The mean shallow depth and deeper depth are 0.881km and 7.630km respectively. The shallow depth of 0.881km might probably due to intrusive within the sediment while deeper depth of 7.630km is attributed to underlying basement.

  Keywords: spectral Analysis, Aeromagnetic anomalies, basement, shallow depth, deeper depth