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An Approach for Population Forecasting: A Case Study of Nigeria Population Census by Atajeromavwo Edafe John, Nwabudike Augustine, Onavwie Ufuoma and Eti Irikefe (pages 281-290)
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The paper focused on the existing features of population census by examining relevant literatures on population census and forecasting in Nigeria. The paper is concerned with design of population forecasting system using fund growth model and algorithm. It illustrated a necessary class diagram of the system, and used case diagram of the system. A given fund growth model was subjected to substitution via the fund growth method and algorithm, using the population forecast. The algorithm was then transformed into Java programming language using HP computer laptop made up of window 7 operating system platforms with 2.00GHZ Intel processor was utilized for the execution of the program. Number of years were introduced and inputted into population forecast fund growth model, it revealed that a rate of natural increment for each year of population is 1.9% from 2006. This is based on the rate of birth, migration and death rate with constant growth rate given, and in population forecast for 25years as depicted in Table 1. The fund growth model was transformed into computer programming approach by Java programming which was utilized to predict and forecast past Nigeria’s population census accurately. Hence it can be useful in the nearest future population census.