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Power System Analysis of Ughelli- 15 (U-15), 15mva, 33/11kv Injection Substation Network and Data by Emmanuel I. Okhueleigbe and Sunny O.Onohaebi (pages 269-274)
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Frequent power outages of both generating stations and transmission lines in Nigeria Power System ranging from inadequate gas supply to the generating station and frequent tripping of the 33/11kVA lines resulting in too many unplanned outages in the system. In this study, Ughelli 15, 15 MVA 33/11kVA injection substation which comprises 63 substations, three feeder pillars, energy commission of Nigeria (ECN) feeder (29), old road feeder (33), and Beta glass feeder (1) which is also a load point was analyzed, it was discovered that during peak period the highest percentage voltage drop was 21.99%, and at off peak period, 1.79%..

 Keywords: Peak, off peak, feeder, substation