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Tending Towards More Energy Efficient Cellular Network with Picocell Deployments by Ajayi J.O. and Olaobaju O.O. (pages 255-262)
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This research work investigated the energy efficiency of mobile wireless network by deploying pico cells to the hotspots in the network. The performance of the proposed network – macro cell overlaid by pico cells was studied and compared with the conventional network using some energy metrics; Area Power Consumption(APC), Energy Consumption Ratio (ECR) and Energy Consumption Gain (ECG). The simulation result showed that APC and ECR of the proposed network were reduced at pico deployments, indicating an improvement in the energy of the network. While, the result from ECG affirmed that there was energy gained and this was maximum when three pico cells were deployed. This also confirms that deploying pico cells makes mobile network greener.