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Regional Temperature Effect on the Optimum Flow Rate of Coolant in a Condenser by Alamu O.J., Akintaro, A.O., Okediran, I.k. and *Olatona,G.I.(pages 249-254)
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Effect of regional temperature variation on the optimum flow rate of coolant in a water-cooled condenser was studied. Optimum flow rate of water in condenser was determined through minimization of the total operational cost function, obtained through integration of the cost concept into fluid flow theories. The coolant inlet temperature was varied while running the computer code, developed in C ++ for the problem, to yield optimum cooling water flow rates compatible with a range of climatological data in Nigeria. Results obtained, found to be in agreement, showed a proportionate increase in the optimum cooling water flow rate with increase in the cooling water inlet temperature.

 Keywords: Climate, Cooling water, Condenser, Optimum flow rate, Economics.