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Mathematical Modelling of Hepatitis B transition to Primary Liver Cancer with consideration of partial immunity by O. Odetunde, M.O. Ibrahim1, J. Lawal, H.O. Edogbanya and S.T. Akinyemi (pages 211-210)
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This work study the rate of progression of Hepatitis B to Primary Liver Cancer, the effect of therapeutic treatment on the HBV and the role of vaccination of pregnant woman as a passive immunity for the unborn child. The equilibria states of both the disease free and the endemic were calculated. Positivity of solution of the model was analysed and the effective reproduction number was computed. The analysis of the reproduction number at the DFE indicate a substantial decrease in the number of secondary infection rate as a result of passively acquired immunity of the infant and the therapeutic treatment now available to HBV. However, the study show that the rate of progression to Primary Liver Cancer (PLC) will be on the increase if the treatment is not affordable to all HBV patients.

  Keywords: Hepatitis B, Primary Liver Cancer, Passive immunity, Reproduction number, Positivity of solution