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Analysis of a Sixth Stage Sixth-Order Explicit Runge Kutta Method For The Solution of Initial Value Problems In Ordinary Differential Equations by Agbeboh G.U., Akhanolu G.A. and Esekhaigbe C.(pages 153-168)
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In This paper, a sixth stage sixth-order explicit Runge-Kutta formula is derived through a tactful application of Taylor series expansion techniques to generate its parameters. The derived method is constructed from the traditional Runge-Kutta’s formula which is capable of solving initial value problems (IVPs) in ordinary differential equations (ODEs).

The performance of the derived formula is tested by numerical computation of some selected IVPs and the results compared favorably well with other existing Runge-Kutta Methods. The numerical results show that the method is accurate and effective and has very fast computing time.

    Keywords and Phrases: Analysis, sixth stage sixth-order explicit Runge-Kutta Methods, initial value problems, ordinary differential equations