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Analytic Technique for Determination of Lumbar Spine’s Center Of Mass: Towards A New Biomechanical Technique For Lumbar Spine Studies by Y.Y. Jabil ,M.Y. Mafuyai,B.C. Dang, and M.M. Izam (pages 113-118)
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In mechanics, the subject of center of mass or gravity is often an important one since it eases calculations and offer better understanding into the mechanics of a system. However, this has been a difficult task when it comes to the subject of biomechanics of the trunk despite of the many problems posed by the weight bearing section of the spine- the lumbar spine. The purpose of this work was to derive equations of the coordinates of center of mass or gravity of the lumbar spine that will allow theoretical determination of the trunk’s center of mass at any given posture since the lumbar spine’s posture varies from person to person and from one position to another. We used the equation of lumbar spine in the six degrees of freedom and an empirical density distribution function to determine the coordinates of the center of mass in the three orthogonal Cartesian coordinates. The results are presented and can be useful particularly in the estimation of forces and moments generated by muscles and tissues in the lumbar spine from an equilibrium based point of view andgenerally, the studies of kinetics of the lumbar spine.

Keywords: thermal-diffusion; heat source; magnetic field; free convection