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Determination of Complex Roots of Non-Linear Equations by Implementation of the Newton Method using Java by Makinde V.,keyode I.C.,Akinboro F.G.,Coker J.O.,Adesina O.S., and Alatise O.O. (pages 91-98)
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Hitherto computational physics methods such as root bisection and regula falsi have been used to determine simple roots of non-linear equations. Advancement in programming and language development has made possible improved efficiency and accuracy in solving numerical problems and hence the numerical computation of physical problems. Furthermore, languages such as Basic, Fortran, C, among others, have commonly been employed in solving numerical problems. In this work, Java, a modern object oriented language was deployed in solving computational physics problems, specifically, determination of complex roots of non-linear equations using the Newton Method. A numerical computation of the method shows that Newton method converges faster with greater accuracy than other methods considered in this paper.