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A Genetic Algorithm for Optimization of Trust- Based Knowledge Sharing Adoption Model by Olusegun Folorunso (pages 107-114)
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The degree of willingness or intention to share knowledge based on trust, varies among the trustees in various organizations. However, the relationship between the knowledge sharing trust variables and the determination of optimal trust variable that contributed most in knowledge sharing (KS) has not been well researched. Meanwhile, Trust- Based Knowledge Sharing Adoption Model (TBKSAM) was developed using Technology Adoption Model to determine the needed KS trust variables. In this study, Genetic Algorithms(GA) was used to determine the optimal trust variable in KS system. However, in order to establish the relationship between the KS trust variables, multiple regression model was derived which later became fitness function for GA model. Also, the TBKSAM which shows the extent KS trust variables correspond accurately to each other was validated at 95% confidence interval. Furthermore, the degree of association between KS trust variables has been found with almost significant interaction. The optimum KS trust variables combination to the attainment of Knowledge Sharing Trust Level(KSTL) goal was implemented using MATLAB gaobj solver. A sensitivity analysis using multiple regression model and the effect of change in weight to the fitness function in aggregation method was compared to the optimal solution. It was found that the optimal solution is more stable and performed better for the combination of KS trust variables adopted in KSTL.

Keywords: Multiple regression, Genetic Algorithms, trust variables, knowledge sharing, technology adoption model.