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Taxonomy of P2P Networks and their Associated QoS Parameters by Adamu Aminu and Ahmed Jamilu Bashir (pages pp 95 – 100)
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Presently, many networks provide real time and on-demand services to users over the Internet. Initially client/server model was used for rendering these services. Due to scalability constraint of the client/server model among other reasons, many networks have now adopted Peer-to-Peer model (P2P model). In P2P model, each user is simultaneously a consumer and a provider of services, as such, more users means better performance. The paper describes the general architecture of P2P systems in detail. It further classified P2P networks based on Location-awareness, Overlay construction and Service delivery. Each class was comprehensively explained and examples for each class were provided. We further identified and explicitly defined the Quality of Service (QoS) parameters for P2P networks. The paper however, highlights the need to channel more effort on how to improve the identified QoS parameters in the paper, especially those that directly influence users’ experience.

Keywords: P2P Systems, QoS Parameters, Location Awareness, Overlay Construction, Service Delivery.