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An Alternative Solid Waste Management System in Nigeria: A Case for Local Production of Solid Waste Derived Fuel (SWDF) by H.J. Itoje, E.P. Akhator, N Enoma and G.A. Ojariafe - (pages) 61 – 70
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The problem of waste management is continuously on the increase on a daily basis in Nigeria. Despite the huge clamour for and the importance of proper waste management, the local government authorities and waste managers appear to be unequal to the task of waste management evidenced from the increasing quantity of solid waste constantly decorating street corners, road sides and road medians in the country. Will there ever be a solution to the menace of waste management in Nigeria? This study attempts to profer an alternative approach to waste management in Nigeria through the production and utilization of Solid Waste Derived Fuel (SWDF). It was discovered that about 51.74% of the solid waste stream in Nigeria can be processed to produce SWDF, thereby reducing drastically the volume of solid waste left to be disposed. With an experimentally determined calorific value of 16.81MJ/kg, the produced SWDF can be used as supplementary fuel for cement industries and power generation companies in Nigeria.

Keywords: Solid waste management, Solid Waste Derived Fuel, Calorific Value, Moisture Content.