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32. A Time Series Analysis of Road Traffic Accidents in Anambra State. A Case Study of Enugu... – Nigeria. by Nwosu C. A. - Volume28, No. 2, (November, 2014), pp 217 – 222
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The increasing level of road traffic accidents in Anambra State and the consequent injuries and deaths have necessitated the case for  its regular analysis. However, unlike developed or high-income countries, many developing countries have made little progress in road furniture towards addressing this problem. Nonetheless there are ways to strengthen the reduction of injured/death persons that will help to lower the toll from road traffic accidents. Data on recorded cases of road traffic accidents (RTA) were collected from the Motor-Traffic Division (MTDRTR) of the Nigerian Police Force – Headquarters Awka, and Federal Road  Safety Corps (FRSC) headquarters Awka between (2004 – 2013). Using the  method of time series decomposition, road traffic accidents were characterized to have an upward trend. The trend equation of the data was determined usingminitab statistical package and fitted as: Yt= 275 + 100.95t. The seasonal effects were also significant. Using the Chi-Square test of significance, it was discovered thatthere were significant differences among the various causes of accidents and accident  cases (minor, fatal and serious) with respect to types of vehicles involved over theyears. Chi-Square value at 5% level of significance (X20.05 = 483). Keywords:Road Traffic Accident, Time Series Analysis, Chi-Square test of significance, Anambra State.