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52. Derivation of the V0-k function for Interval and Instantaneous Velocity Depth Conversion Equation by Fredrick Ogochukwu Okocha - Volume28, No. 2, (November, 2014), pp 389 – 39
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In using theV0-k function, it is assumed that the subsurface usually exhibit some degree of increase in velocity with depth of burial. This compaction trend is often modelled as a linear increase which is then used as a predictive velocity model. The linear function V=V0+kZ gives a depth equation Z=V0/k (ekT-1) which is been incorporated in the Maths options of most seismic interpreting software. This paper however shows the derivation of linear function to the final depth conversion equation.   

Key words: Depth conversion equation, linear function, velocity model, V0-k function.