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50. Assessment of Public Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields From Power Lines In Ayobo,Lagos State, Nigeria by A.E.Ajetunmobi, P.Biere and A.O Osiyemi - Volume28, No. 2, (November, 2014), pp 379 – 384
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Extremely low frequency RF radiation from selected Power lines transmission cables at Atan  in Ayobo Lagos state has been investigated using a handheld three axis radio frequency meter (EMF meter)  placed at gonadal level of 1.0 m above the ground level within a radial distance of 5.0m—30.0m. The highest value of the Electric and Magnetic field strength for the pole selected falls within the range of 95V/m— 1140V/m and 173mA/m—430mA/m. The highest values for the indoor measurements for both Electric and Magnetic field strength are 1047V/m and 394.8mA/m.  The values are quite lower than the set limit by ICNIRP[7,8] with values of 5000V/m for the general public and 10000V/m for Occupational exposure. ICNIRP value for Magnetic field strength is66.6 A/m and the range gotten for magnetic field strength for the selected power line poles is lower. Since the Permissible limit is not exceeded, there is no health risk accorded to this level of exposure to RF radiation from power lines cited close to the general public.    

 Keywords:Assessment, Electromagnetic Fields,Exposure,General Public and Power Lines.