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49. Rainfall Attenuation Calculation in a Tropical Environment at a Microwave Frequency by O.A Ojo, O.O Obiyemi, and P.A Oluwafisoye - Volume28, No. 2, (November, 2014), pp 373 – 378
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The hydrometeors that constitute rain behave like dissipative dielectric particles, causing significant absorption and scaterrring effects on radio waves at microwave frequencies. The relative contribution of these too effects in terms of wave attenuation depends on the relation between the drop size and wavelength of the transmitted energy. The attenuation experienced by a wave crossing a rainy medium is giving by the sum of individual contributions of the drops that constitute the medium. The specific attenuation has been found to be related to rainfall rate R through a power law. The microwave frequency of transmission for this case was 7.776 GHz, for a Line-of-Sight (LOS) terrestrial microwave link transmitting, and receiving stations at Oba Ile and Iju – Itaogbolu, Ondo State, respectively, for a given tropical environmental climatic condition.   

Key words: Hydrometeors, absorption, scattering, attenuation, polarization, microstructure.